A downloadable Zombies for Windows

Zombie Horde Developed by DarkJGaming is in early Alpha/Demo Stages. Please provide feedback and suggestions. This game when complete is expected to have multiple levels and power ups as well as the ability to build your own stats as you progress. 

Latest Progress:

4/19/19 - Art Updated, Fullscreen switching enabled, Return to title on win screen implimented

4/23/19 - Added a second level, implemented save /checkpoint system, implemented player and enemy health bars, implemented between level upgrade system, implemented cut scene. Updated some sounds and custom artwork/scenery.  Implemented pause game system via "esc" button.  

4/24/19 - Updated title screen to be a menu screen controllable via up down and enter buttons.  Fixed a glitch with the second level boss. Adjusted some enemy variables and stats to make upgrades more viable as well as make game play more challenging and fluent. 

4/28/19 - Updated second arena room with a new zombie type. tweaked variable stats. Created a U.I. for tracking player stats. Added 2nd cut scene. Changed bright floor tiles in the power up room to something less bright.

5/5/19 - Massive art update. Updated spawn rates for enemies. Updated bullet type 2 sound effects. Updated animations. Updated title screen. Updated Demo win screen.

5/19/19 - Massive content update. Added Z-coins. Added exit portal to allow loot pickup and extend fight after bosses. Changed power up room by a lot! Added Ari Strike special attack. Nerfed heart drop rate. Created clickable Ari in power up room. U.I. updates as well. Changed title menu background. Added 3 new weapon types Mortar, Laser, & Shell types. 

To do List:

Demo version:

Last update to demo coming soon!

-Demo Version Complete

Final release version.

- Create cash/point system for power ups

- Nerf heart drop rate of all enemies and include hearts as purchasable items in power up room

- add "z" coins as drop-able item upon zombie deaths. 

- More in depth bullet type upgrade system. (bullet types such as Incendiary bullets, Frost Laser & Explosive shells)

- Add exit portal to power up room

- Create more involved boss fights. (dodging spit, lasers, you name it)

- New Zombie types (nuclear, fire zombies, armored zombies, zombie dogs, zombie bunnies?)

- More Cut scenes!

- 10 levels instead of 2!

- Secrets...

- Closed Alpha testing...

- tweaks

- Polishing

- Closed Beta Testing

- Set game pricing... (most likely around 1 to 3 us dollar range)

- Release game.

Install instructions

Download the .exe file and follow the instructions for the Gamemaker Studio installer. Once its installed Click "play". Note: Some people have reported false flags on some antivirus programs as well as windows firewall. If this happens click "details" It should tell you that the game is simply "not signed" then click to proceed anyway.  Any game that does not have a high traffic volume for downloads could potentially be flagged by antivirus software and firewall settings. If this happens to you i ask that you please report the false flag to your antivirus company so that it can become corrected in their database. Thanks!


Zombie Horde Alpha Demo.exe 94 MB

Development log


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Can you make it available for mac in future updates?

yes i do plan on it in the future. It will be a ways off though due to the liscense for mac costing more money.

Oh. That sucks. Im on a mac so I cant try it out.